Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Six students from UTCB have had the opportunity to practice their knowledge on OCTAGON construction sites

     Six students from the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB) practiced their knowledge for three weeks within the construction company OCTAGON.  

 Remus Anuta, Andrei Besu, George Dulama, Ioan Lazar, Valentin Nicolae and Maria Utu are students in the 4th year at the Faculty of Hydrotechnics and have had the opportunity to visit the company’s construction sites in Bucharest and see how works are being performed, but also spent a few days in the tendering department.

The students spend their first two weeks of practice on the site of the underground passage from Piata Presei Libere Square, where OCTAGON is executing diaphragm walls.  
The students were present to all the construction stages and asked questions whenever they needed clarifications related to the execution technique and the materials which were used.  

They were coordinated here by the Project Manager, engineer Dan Gerea, who explained to them the execution method of diaphragm walls within this project and the issues that can occur during execution.
The six students also visited Green Court Bucharest construction site, where OCTAGON is building the superstructure of building B, part of the office complex. The works started in 2014 and continued at fast pace.The building has already reached the 8th floor of the total 11.  The students were accompanied by Mihaela Moraru, Quality Engineer, who indicated to them the most important stages of the execution of reinforcement and concreting works, which are currently performed on the construction site.  
In the last week some of the students, who expressed their interest to see how the tenders are being prepared within the tendering department, were coordinated by the company’s Technical Director, engineer George Visan.

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