Monday, June 16, 2014

OCTAGON contracted four new projects in 2014, despite the decline in the construction market by 9%

Green Court Bucharest - 2014, Execution of the Building Structure

OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING company has not been affected by the decline in the construction market in the first half ofthe year. OCTAGON managed to contract three new projects this year and continue work on two other projects started in 2011 and 2013.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INS) the volume of construction works in the first four months decreased both as gross series and as adjusted series by number of working days and seasonality by 9.2% and 8.7% .
Regarding building objects, the volume of construction in civil engineering fell by 25.4%. Non-residential buildings and residential buildings volume of construction works increased by 20.7% and 12.1%. Volume of construction works, adjusted series by number of working days and seasonality, decreased by 8.7% , decrease that was evidenced in capital repairs (20.1%), maintenance and current repairs (11.3%) and new construction works (6.9%).

In March, OCTAGON began the building suprastructure works on building B, part of the office ensemble "Green Court Bucharest" (Str. Herastrau Bucharest). The construction company has finished the construction carried out for building A in the same complex, developed by the Swedish company Skanska.

Green Court Bucharest - 2014
OCTAGON is ready to begin geotechnical works amounting to 600,000 Euro for the "Piata Presei Libere Underpass"(Bucharest). The general contractor is Apollodorusthe year.
Two other new infrastructure projects started in 2014 are rehabilitation of the railway tracks
Brasov - Simeria, Section 2 Coslariu-Sighisoara-Coslariu, Micasasa section and sections A, D and E, lot 2 - Lugoj-Deva highway for Salini Impregilo contractor , for whom OCTAGON performs geotechnical work.

OCTAGON is also working on projects "Rehabilitation of DN6 Domasnea-Caransebes, km 408 + 895-449 + 960", started in 2011 and the PC Business Center office building located in Bucuresti-Ploiesti 7-9 A. 
Green Court Bucharest - Building Front


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