Monday, June 30, 2014

OCTAGON is working on a major infrastructure project: Piata Presei Underpass

OCTAGON has recently started the geotechnical works on one of the major infrastructure projects of Bucharest City Hall: Piata Presei Underpass. The company is building diaphragm walls- 9,950 sqm, 80 cm thick.
"Piata Presei" Underpass Project
passage is located at the junction of four high traffic roads – Bucharest- Ploiesti road, Kiseleff road, Mărăşti blvd. and Poligrafiei blvd. – an intersection crossed by approximately 12,000 vehicles per hour.

The purpose of building the underpass is to reduce the crossing time for both pedestrians and for vehicles. Studies regarding traffic flow improvement have shown that an underpass would reduce the waiting time for vehicles by 74%, according to Arena Constructiilor.
Works will be performed in stages in order to maintain traffic flow.
The investment value is 60.4 million lei and the delivery term is nine months from the beginning of the works.

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