Thursday, August 14, 2014

Arabs to build first mini-city with controlled temperature in the world

Dubai Emirate, that already prides itself on the tallest building and biggest aquarium in the world, will build the biggest interior mall and theme park, which will be the first mini-city with controlled temperature in the world, Bloomberg Businessweek informs.

The 720,000 sqm center will include 100 hotels, a medical center, event centers and a theater district. All these will be protected by a retractable roof.

The project developer, Dubai Holding, said that the mini-city will be built in stages, according to the gradual development of family tourism in Dubai.
The objective is to attract 180 million buyers per year, by providing fun and accommodation options for the whole family, without fearing the unpredictable meteorological conditions.

The developer also wants to take advantage of medical tourism development, which attracts annually, according to estimates, 750,000 people only from the USA.
Mall of the World will have a 270,000 sqm health complex, which will include specialized surgery services and cosmetic procedures.  

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