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OCTAGON assigned general subcontractor to PC Business Center office building, located in northern Bucharest

Press Release August 14th 2014

OCTAGON assigned general subcontractor to PC Business Center office building, located in northern Bucharest
*      Contract value: 2 mil. Euro
*      Office building located on Bucharest- Ploiesti Road
*      Height: 11 Floors

Bucharest, August 14th 2014: OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING, a company specialized in civil and geotechnical construction works, has become general subcontractor for an office building- PC Business Center, located in the north of the capital. Construction works are worth approximately 2 million Euro.

PC Business Center is located on 7-9 Bucharest- Ploiesti road. The building has two underground and 9 ground levels and is located near Sector 1 City Hall. Iridex Group Import Export is the developer and general contractor of the project.

OCTAGON took over the project in the autumn of 2013, as specialized contractor, and has performed special foundation and infrastructure works: diaphragm walls D 600, bored piles D 620,crown beam, excavation and metal retaining systems, dewatering systems, foundation raft S2, S1, hydroinsulation of underground and water basin. Works were completed in May 2014.

The execution of the superstructure works has been added to the initial contract and OCTAGON has become general subcontractor to PC Business Center. Construction works have reached the 3rd level of the building. This is one of the three major office projects built by OCTAGON in Bucharest, between 2013- 2014, along Green Court Bucharest (2-4 Gara Herastrau St.) and Hermes Business Campus (7- 9 Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.).

“Although according to statistics 2013 was a slower year for the construction market than the previous year, 2013 and 2014 have been intense growth years for OCTAGON, characterized by contracting major projects, especially in the office and infrastructure sectors. PC Business Center is a new opportunity to prove our ability to execute all the works included in a project: special foundations, infrastructure and superstructure.”  said Alexandros Ignatiadis, co- founder and shareholder of OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING.

OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING ( ) is a Romanian company set up in 2005, headquartered in Bucharest. The company also has a branch in Baghdad (Iraq).  With a 19.6 million euro in 2013, large scale projects in Romania, Iraq, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, OCTAGON is one of the main players in the civil and geotechnical construction sectors, in Romania.

Among the reference works performed by OCTAGON in Romania there are: the office complex Green Court Bucharest (Gara Herastrau Street- Bucharest), the tallest office building in Bucharest Sky Tower (Barbu Vacarescu Blvd.), the office building Olympia Tower (Decebal Blvd.- Bucharest) and the Combined Cycle Power Plant 867 MW OMV- Petrom (Brazi- Prahova county).

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