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Construction works at Brasov city belt to be resumed. OCTAGON has built bored piles for section I

Brasov City Belt

Construction works at Brasov city belt, a project that started in 2003 and which was temporarily stopped, will be resumed soon.  Brasov city belt is also one of the road infrastructure projects of OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING. In 2011 the company was geotechnical works subcontractor and built bored piles for section I.

Brasov City Belt- Bored pile cage launching
The National Highways and Roads Company (CNADNR) announced in a press release that the bid procedure for section I, streching between DN1 and DN11 and for section II, which connects DN 11 with DN 13, ended. Brasov city belt will have four sections, a total length of 24.3 km and two lanes on each traffic way. The road, built especially for the transport of merchandise and transit is open to traffic on two of the four sections.  

Brasov City Belt- Bored pile cage ram in
So far only 56% of the works necessary for the completion of section one has been delivered. The section has a length of  7.2 km and starts from Dârstea area (from the current bypass, on which a bridge over Timisul Sec stream will be built), bypasses the landfill,  crosses the road to Tărlungeni, bypasses CET, crosses Timiş-Triaj area, and then reaches DN 11 (towards Sfântu Gheorghe) in the roundabout from Stabilus area. 

Brasov City Belt- Bored pile cages
Besides the two lane traffic road, the project also includes the construction of a passage, crossing DN 11 and the railway that leads to Târgu Secuiesc.

OCTAGON   performed the following works for section I of the city belt: bored piles D 1,080, cage ram in, bored pile concreting and bored pile injection.

Brasov City Belt- Bored pile concreting

Doubling section II which connects DN 11, the exit from Braşov to Hărman, to DN 13, the exit from Braşov to Târgu-Mureş is absolutely necessary in order to allow highway regime traffic. At the same time, an important issue faced by drivers crossing the city belt will be solved, the construction of a road passage over the city belt, at the intersection with the county road to, where many accidents have occurred.

Brasov City Belt- Bored pile drilling
Construction works at Brasov Bypass started in 2003 and so far only section III has been delivered. The section covers 6.3 km and connects National Road 13 with National Road 1, at the exit from the city to Sibiu.

Brasov City Belt- Bored piles concreting
The construction of Brasov Bypass is only one of the road infrastructure projects performed by OCTAGON. 

Road infrastructure became an important segment for the company starting from 2010. OCTAGON  also performed geotechnical works within other major infrastructure projects:  Orastie- Sibiu Highway- sections 2, 3 and 4, Bucharest- Ploiesti Highway,  Bucharest Highway DN 7- DN 1A, Chitila- Mogosoaia, Pedestrian crossing over Mures River and Rehabilitation of DN 6 Domasnea- Caransebes, km 408+ 895- 449+ 960.

Construction works performed by OCTAGON within these projects include:  execution of bored piles, injections and sheet piles.

Brasov City Belt- Cage launching
OCTAGON is performing at present geotechnical works at the “Underground tunnel Piata Presei Libere” (Bucharest). 
At the same time, the company is continuing bracing works with columns and sheet piles at the project “Rehabilitation of Brasov- Simeria railway, Coslariu- Sighisoara section”, where the general contractor is FCC Construccion.

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