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Monday, February 23, 2015

X-ray of Green Court Bucharest Office Complex

Location: North of Bucharest, 12 Gara Herastrau Street

  •   3 modern office buildings
  • 12 floors above the ground
  •   52,000 sqm of leasable space
  • 837 underground parking spaces

Developer: Skanska Development Romania

Infrastructure and structure contractor for buildings A & B: Octagon Contracting & Engineering under Skanska Construction Romania

Developer’s testimonial about the contractor:
Skanska Construction appointed Octagon as construction partner for foundation and structural works on the Green Court Bucharest.  The cooperation was excellent and Octagon performed the works professionally and diligently meeting all of our expectations in terms of health and safety, quality and delivery time.” says Richard Burleigh, Country Manager, Skanska Construction Romania.

Biggest challenges faced by the contractor:
“The biggest challenge in the execution of this project was meeting the deadline, which was very tight.  But despite the schedule constraints, which were also amplified by technical issues that are unavoidable in any project, we managed to focus on our main targets and deliver the works on time.“ says Max Ene- OCTAGON’s  project manager for Green Court Bucharest.

Construction works performed by OCTAGON:
  • Concrete works for infrastructure and superstructure of building A (3B+ GF+ 11F)
  • Excavation;
  • Diaphragm walls D 600;
  • Anchorages;
  •  Infrastructure works for building B;
  • Concrete works for the superstructure of building B (3B + GF+ 11F)

GREEN features:
  • energy efficient façade with high performance which reduces solar heat gains, the building’s heating up being significantly limited;
  • natural daylight- over 75% of the building space has access to the daylight. Automatic lighting control system adjusts the lights according to the intensity of outside light resulting into lower energy consumption;
  • containers for segregated waste;
  •  solar panels- located on the roof of the building, used for domestic hot water;
  • electrical plug- in for cars

Estimated benefits:
  •  Lower utility bills- 50% less water consumed
  • A healthier, more productive workplace-  30% more fresh air in the office
  • More efficient lighting- 32% less energy consumed
OCTAGON’s staff involved in the construction of buildings A & B: 160 people.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OCTAGON delivers second building of the complex Green Court Bucharest

*      Contract value: 3.8 mil. euro
*      Green Court Bucharest- office complex located on 4 Garii Herastrau Street, Bucharest
Green Court Bucharest building B

OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING delivered the second building (B), of the office complex Green Court Bucharest, developed by Swedish company Skanska. The complex will have three development stages and building B was the second development stage. The value of the works performed by OCTAGON on this building was 3.8 mil. euro.

Green Court Bucharest Building B- encasing
The second stage of the project started in 2013, with the execution of special foundation works, consisting in excavation, diaphragm walls D 600 and anchorages. This year OCTAGON built the superstructure of building B, which has 3 underground levels, ground floor and 11 floors.
Green Court Bucharest- building B

OCTAGON also built the first building of the complex Green Court Bucharest. The company was specialist contractor and performed the infrastructure and superstructure works on building A. The buildings covers 19,500 sqm and the investment in this stage reached 46 mil. Euro.

Green Court Bucharest- building B
Green Court Bucharest will have a total area of 52,000 sqm. The complex is developed by Swedish company Skansa, known for the 125 years of experience in construction and real estate development. Oresund bridge, which connects Sweden with Denmark, the reconstruction of Oculus World Trade Center Transportantion Hub in New York and the office building “Gherkin” Swiss Re in London are among the most important projects developed by the company. Skanska developed over 2 million sqm office spaces worldwide.

Green Court Bucharest- building B- encasing
Green Court Bucharest- encasing&reinforcing

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Friday, September 12, 2014

OCTAGON has performed two thirds of the contracted works for the rehabilitation of Brasov- Simeria railway, Coslariu- Sighisoara section

Brasov- Simeria Railway

OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING has performed two thirds of the contracted works for the rehabilitation of Brasov- Simeria railway, Coslariu- Sighisoara section, two years from the beginning of the project. The delivery term is November 2014. The beneficiary of the project is the National Railroads Company (CFR) and the general contractor for Coslariu- Sighisoara section is the Portuguese company FCC Construccion.

Brasov – Simeria railroad is a component of the Fourth Pan – European Corridor. The objective of the project is to rehabilitate and
Sheet pile installation
modernize 89.5 km of double electric powered railway line between Sighişoara and Coşlariu, including all the connecting structures and auxiliary works, to ensure a maximum speed of 160 km/h for passenger trains.

The following works will be performed within the project: rehabilitation of 63.46 km of double electric powered railway line; building 26.04 km of double electric power railway line; rehabilitation of 10 railway stations.
Sheet pile execution and retention systems

The rehabilitation of the railway road will be performed with European financing, acquired within the Priority Axis nr. 1 „Modernizing and Development of Priority Axis TEN-T, with the Purpose to Develop a Sustainable Transport System and its Integration in the EU Transport Networks.", Major Intervention Domain 1.2 „Modernizing and Development of Railroad Infrastructure over the Priority Axis TEN-T 22".

Bored piles execution and retention systems
OCTAGON is performing the following works for the construction of section II- Coslariu- Sighisoara: drilling of bored piles D 1.000, anchorages, stone columns, sheet pile installation and gunite for tunnels and bridge.

OCTAGON also has four other ongoing infrastructure projects. OCTAGON is geotechnical construction contractor at one of the most important infrastructure projects in Bucharest: ”The underground road passage from Piata Presei”, where the
Sheet pile extraction
company is building diaphragm walls.  The passage will have a total length of 550 meters and two exits. One of the exits will lead to Kiseleff Road and the second one will lead to Marasti Blvd.,  allow crossing the area on any direction and subsequently connect public ground transport, the railway line and the bus lines, with the station of the future metro line 6. The purpose of the passage is to streamline the traffic in one of the most crowded areas of the capital. 

Consolidation works
Another important project under construction, within which OCTAGON is working, is Lugoj- Deva Highway. The company is building bored piles for sections A, D and E, sector 2. The highway will stretch over 100 km on delivery.  Sector 2 will be 28 km long.

OCTAGON is performing foundation works: bored piles and sheet piles at the project “Passage over the rail road km 5 + 343” in Craiova.
Sheet pile retention systems

The fourth project started this year by OCTAGON is  “Functional rehabilitation of Revolutiei Square from Slobozia”. The company is part of ACM4- Romprest- TIAB- OCTAGON Consortium and is performing geotechnical works: metal sheet piles and drilling for dewatering systems, within a parking lot project.

“Even if infrastructure has not been a priority for public investments this year and the market is not going through a dynamic period, we have four new ongoing projects and we are continuing works at the rehabilitation of Brasov- Simeria railroad, a project started in 2012.  But the perspectives for infrastructure development are positive. After four years of slowdown, the infrastructure will inevitably become the engine of the construction market development.” said Mr. Alexandros Ignatiadis, co-founder and shareholder of OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

OCTAGON contractor within four infrastructure projects although the sector dropped by 28% in the first five months

    Lacking consistent public investments the road infrastructure, a sector which should support the entire economy, dropped by 27.7% in the first five months of this year, Ziarul Financiar writes, reporting the data of the National Statistics Institute (INS).
    The steep decline registered by the construction works was generated by lower investments in public projects. Thus, investments reached 7.5 billion lei (1.7 billion euro) in the first five months, a 26% decline on the same period of last year, according to the information displayed on the Finance Ministry website. Investments accounted for 1.1% of the GDP between January and May.

“The elections have not influenced the road infrastructure sector positively and this is due to the fact that we have not reached political stability yet. During the elections a great amount of construction investment funds are redirected, through budget amendments towards public sectors which could bring votes, such as pensions, to influence the electorate.”, said Alexandros Ignatiadis, co-founder and shareholder of OCTAGONCONTRACTING & ENGINEERING, in an interview broadcast by ZF Live.

   Despite the sector decline, OCTAGON contracted works on three infrastructure projects this year.
Piata Presei Libere 1
   The newest infrastructure project of the company is “The underground passage from Piata Presei Libere” (Bucharest). The company is performing here geotechnical works: diaphragm walls D 9,950 sqm, thickness 80 cm.
Piata Presei Libere 2

   The company is also working on the rehabilitation of the railway Brasov- Simeria, section 2 Coslariu- Sighisoara, sector Micasasa- Coslariu, the works consisting in the execution of bored piles D 1,000,anchorages, stone columns and sheet pile installation, a project within which Aktor is general contractor.
    OCTAGON is also executing bored piles for sections A, D and E, sector 2- Lugoj- Deva Highway, for the contractor Salini Impregilo.