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Friday, December 12, 2014

Video: Hermes Business Campus- execution of building B

In June 2014 OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING delivered the first building of the office complex Hermes Business Campus (Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.- Bucharest). The construction of the building stretching over 36,000 sqm and counting 4B + 8 E+ Technical floor in height began in December 2010. OCTAGON is now working on the second stage of the complex- building C. Hermes Business Campus, the first project of the Belgian company Atenor Group in Romania, will have three development stages and will cover 78,000 sqm at the end.  OCTAGON won the Quality Trophy ARACO 2014 with this project. The video renders the execution stages of building B.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

OCTAGON awarded Quality Trophy ARACO 2014, for the project Hermes Business Campus

OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING was awarded the prize Quality Trophy ARACO 2014, for building B within the office complex Hermes Business Campus. Another nine reference projects performed by the companies Hidroconstructia, Bog’Art, Iamsat Muntenia, ACI Cluj, Iridex Group, IMSAT, Dedal Bahamat and the consortium Recon- Romelectro- Mitliv were awarded the same prize during a ceremony which was held Thursday, November 27th at Madgearu Hall within the exhibition center Romexpo, in Bucharest. This has been the 19th edition of ARACO Quality Trophy. The event is organized every year.
Quality Trophy ARACO 2014

OCTAGON was general contractor for building B within the office complex Hermes Business Campus, located on 5-7 Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd. in Bucharest. The company delivered the works in June 2014. The complex which has been BREEAM certified with excellent grade for structure is the first investment of the Belgian group Atenor in Romania and will be built in several stages and will eventually cover 78,000 sqm.

Building B, the first one built within the complex, has a total area of 37,000 sqm and 4 basements + ground floor + eight floors+ technical floor.

The works began at the end of 2010, when OCTAGON won the infrastructure contract for the four underground levels. The geotechnical works performed by the company were the following:
Diaphragm walls D 800 mm, h = 24,75 m; area = 7.600 sqm;
Crown beam 0.65 m X 1,00 m- 297 m;
Foundation piles D 1,500 mm and D 1,000 mm, h = 25,85 m;
Test pilot;
Manufacturing and installation of metal profiles for slab support;
Manufacturing and installation of metal column heads for the support of slabs for the 3rd and 4th underground levels;
Design and execution of dewatering system;
General excavation to quota 13.72 (60,000 cubic meters).
Construction in top- down system of two reinforced concrete slabs, covering 3,950 sqm each, for the underground levels 3 and 4;
Construction of foundation raft 1.4 m, height – 6.261 cubic meters.
Hermes Business Campus- building B

The geotechnical works were delivered in October 2011.

In 2012 OCTAGON was contracted by Alpine Bau- the general contractor of the building back then, to perform the concrete reinforcement works for the superstructure.

In 2013 OCTAGON took over the general construction contract from the Austrian company and added a new work package to the contracted works, consisting in the execution of:
Superstructure: ground floor, levels 1-8 and technical floor;
Architecture works: walls, ceilings, floors, interior finishes, masonry and facade.
Electrical installations;
Sanitary installations;

The company is currently performing the superstructure works on the second building- C, after delivering the special foundation works on the same building.
Hermes Business Campus- building C

Thursday, August 21, 2014

ZF: Best business centers in Bucharest. Octagon, contractor within 6 of them

Sky Tower
Ziarul Financiar has interviewed eight real estate consultancy firms to draw up a top of the business centers that suit best the criteria of the companies looking for new headquarters. Extremely dynamic on the office market, in the past years, OCTAGON has been contractor within 6 of these projects.
Victoria Center building on Calea Victoriei, Sky Tower near Promenada Mall, where OCTAGON has performed infrastructure works in top- down system and AFI Business Park near AFI Palace Cotroceni Mall are the office projects in Bucharest that fit most of the criteria.
Victoria Center is the most attractive office building in Bucharest, with a leasable area under 10,000 sqm, Sky Tower is the brokers’ favorite building over 10,000 sqm, while AFI Park is the highest rated business park, according to the analysis which took ten criteria into account.
Olympia Tower
The projects divided into three categories – under 10,000 sqm, over 10,000 sqm and business parks – have been graded from 5 to 1 upon 10 criteria: technical specifications, access, space efficiency, operational efficiency, visibility and design, quality of administration services, building and surrounding facilities, price/quality ration, high parking rate and good reputation of existing tenants.
Green Gate
Located in a central area, on Decebal Blvd., Olympia Tower office building is one of the most modern in Bucharest, with an area under 10,000 sqm. OCTAGON has performed the infrastructure works (diaphragm walls, bored piles, general excavation, crown beam) and superstructure works for this building.

Among buildings with areas over 10,000 sqm, Green Gate, located on Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd. in Bucharest is one of the most recently delivered. OCTAGON has been specialized contractor for the office building and has performed geotechnical works: diaphragm walls, bored piles, dewatering systems and crown beam. The building has 10 floors and a 39,000 sqm total area.
Hermes Business Campus

Green Court Bucharest- Building A
OCTAGON has also been involved in the construction of two of the largest office parks in Bucharest: Hermes Business Campus (Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.) and Green Court Bucharest (Gara Herastrau St.). The company was general contractor for the first office building within the complex. After delivering building A of Green Court Bucharest complex, developed by real estate giant Skanska, OCTAGON is continuing the superstructure works to building B, which will be delivered this year.
Green Court Bucharest- Building B

On the list of projects built by OCTAGON, listed in ZF top there is also Floreasca Park, located in northern Bucharest on Pipera Road. OCTAGON was specialized contractor and performed geotechnical works within the building.  

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